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VMs: Re: RE: This guy has hit my nail right on the head without realising it!

No that is not what I meant. A few posts ago I followed some links that
showed Ptolemy's universe etc and saw correlations in both that and Porta
for models of the glyph set AND THE KEY! I looked at 67r after seeing his
page and it's what you don't see that's important. I won't say anymore yet
I'll just get shot down in flames again. :-)


From: "John Grove" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 27 January 2004 23:36

> You mean the part that goes something like...
> "If !I! can't figure it out, it must be a hoax because until
> somebody proves otherwise it doesn't make any sense to me so it must be a
> hoax
> and that proves it is a hoax."
> Good Argument for a hoax. (and yes, I did actually waste the
> effort of reading the whole page in hopes he could make a point)
> John.

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