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VMs: shorthands

Hi folks

I'm new to the list, but have had a passing interest in Voynich for a year or so.

Recently I was doing some work in the British Library looking at some 17th C manuscripts on speech and language, and came across Lodwick's attempts to devise a script for a universal language (a popular concern at the time as I'm sure you all know).

If any of you have access via your institute's library have a look at the EEBO electronic resource (Early English Books Online) and you'll find some facsimile material there.

I followed the trail/train of thought having noticed vague visual similarities with V.

I am intrigued by the shorthand possibilities, as opposed to cryptography per se - it seems more parsimonious to think of shorthand as a simple scheme of writing for relative secrecy. I plan to spend a couple more days in BL later in Feb.

So - some questions:

What shorthands have already been considered, and as shorthand representations of what languages?

Has the anyone seriously considered/dismissed 'universal language' type of explanations?

Any hints as to what I might usefully look at.



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