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VMs: Independent Discipline

C W Lee, discussing the Lou Kruh's crypto collection, observes,

>My thinking is that Yale would not 
>accept the collection unless one 
>or more people there (faculty most 
>importantly, library staff less so) 
>view cryptography as a legitimate
>area of academic study, and not just 
>applied spycraft, and not just a 
>minor subset of computer science. 
But why wouldn't anyone view cryptography as a legitimate area of
academic study?  Its impact on history is clear, such as the Zimmerman
Telegram; Mary, Queen of Scots; and the Kellogg-Briand treaty demonstrate
that easily.  If not Yale, there are doubtless other academic
institutions that might be interested.  However, Dr. Kruh is offering his
collection for sale, not as a donation.  Were I to win the Florida Lotto,
I'd snap it up myself.

Any discipline with the depth and scope of modern cryptology is as valid
an academic discipline as any other.

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

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