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Re: VMs: shorthands

>> Has the anyone seriously considered/dismissed 'universal language'
>> type of explanations?

Take a look at "The Search for the Perfect Language" by Umberto Eco. It's a
great introduction to the subject. And no, I haven't found any VMS clues in
this book. But it is still worth reading. Our best bet is to read *a lot* of
secondary literature, so we can put ourself in the mindset (and toolset) of
the VMS author.

> I've already looked at a large number of shorthand histories (both in
> the BL and in other libraries with shorthand collections): however, I
> remain deeply dissatisfied with (the mostly Anglo-centric) accounts
> of shorthand that begin with Timothy Bright's "Characterie"

Nick, one day I'll be so well read in Voynichiana that I'll discover some
new fact that you have *not yet* written about :-)

But I like the glyphset discussion very much and we should try to organize
it a bit. What if we make a table of VMS characters and put the possible
provenance next to it? For example I was assuming that  the numbers 4, 8 and
9 were all in the VMS glyphset (is that EVA q d and y ?), but you think
that's *not* the case. Please elaborate :-)

We need that Wiki thing.

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