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Re: VMs: Re: Shorthand + VMS-like illustrations

...........I did not realize this was a President Bush bashing list.  ~Gyps
essage dated 1/29/2004 12:04:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Tell him you've found some weapons of mass decryption.


From: "Larry Roux" <lroux@xxxxxxx>
Sent: 29 January 2004 13:19

> Fun, isn't it - all the tantalizing similarities....
> Perhaps we can get George Bush to fund a Voy Investigation Team (VIT)...If
he can waste billions of dollars on some crazy mission to Mars launched from
the Moon (scientifically unsound) maybe we can hit him up for a few million
to fund our efforts!  <grin>