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Re: VMs: Re: Cryptology As a Discipline

CWLee wrote:
> "My comment, "Any discipline with the depth and scope of
> modern cryptology
> is as valid an academic discipline as any other," still
> holds.  That no
> institute has not bestirred itself to develop such a
> department is not
> the fault of the discipline."
> To paraphrase a former US president, it all depends on what
> "valid" is.

	It probably hasn't happened yet because until around
there wasn't much of an open literature on cryptology. 
That's about when 
current mathematical cryptology started.  Before that,
much of the literature 
was secret.   

> "That is why I still believe that the best place to receive
> the collection
> would be the National Security Agency's museum."
> I think that is an excellent choice.  My suggestion of Yale
> was intended to further our Voynich-related studies by
> developing some rapport there to make it easier to obtain
> various modes of technical access to the document.

	One can always ask!  A problem for us has always been
the narrow-mindedness of academia.  The VMs doesn't fit
into some nicely defined pigeonhole. 

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