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Re: VMs: Research Note: f67v2

> Looking at a colour image of f68v2 recently on GC's site, I noticed that a
> few (at least three?) of the 'stars' are coloured green (rather than
> yellow). It would seem to be reasonable to suppose that these are planets
> (and not the sun or moon) - have you looked at this?
> http://www.voynichinfo.com/color/f68v2.jpg

My current feeling about this folio is that it represents
Kepler's Star, the supernova of 1604.

I've got a color copy of it, but no, I hadn't noticed
the green stars. Planets are a good idea, considering
the SN was in Ophiuchus, so the Zodiac was just
below it.  I'll see what Starry Night turns up. Thanks!


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