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VMs: Voynich music

We will be perfroming this piece (Marsh Flowers, nr3 from Britten's "Flower
songs") in two weeks and each time I sing it I have to think of the VMS
illustrations. IMHO it's the perfect music to go with the VMS. I want to
share this feeling with you so I've put up a temporary mp3 (1mb) here:
BTW: This is not our chamber choir, I don't think we're that good :-)

Especially note the following verses:

 Here the strong mallow strikes her *slimy root*,
Here the dull night-shade *hangs her deadly fruit*;
Here on its *wiry stem, in rigid bloom*,
With *fruit globose and fierce with poison'd stings*;

That's the herbal section, isn't it?

The full text is here: http://www.recmusic.org/lieder/c/crabbe/mf.html

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