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Re: VMs: Re: T-maps later than thought?

--- Larry Roux <LRoux@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cryptocartography? Hidden & distorted maps?
>   What maps?  How are they "hidden or distorted"?  I
> see nothing unusual in the map pages.  They are
> pretty standard to me.

Exactly. It goes to show that you're not yet
in need of a VMs holiday :-)

> Cryptobalneology? A deep analogy between plumbing
> and human biology?
>   There is absolutely NOTHING weird about that.  

Maybe I should take that back. :-)

Seriously, the herbal pages could be called 
original, but nothing too exotic. The astro
pages again are original, but they seem to have
lots of things in common with more mundane
circular diagrams found in legitimate medieval

Now the bio pages (balneological or otherwise)
are certainly weird, and so is the 9-rosettes
page, where a consensus for its meaning is just
not there (not now and never in the past as far
as I can tell).

Still, I think that most people will agree that
the text tops it all when it comes to
strangeness. Perhaps even more so because it can
be so readily analysed.

Cheers, Rene

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