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Re: VMs: Folios 85_86 Rosettes or Sephiroth

I agree with Nick.  Predone transcriptions are nice, but they rarely equal what *I* see in totality.

Of course it depends on how many differences you are able to stomach.  That does not mean that the original person who transcribed the page is wrong - but that you see an "o" where they see an "a".  some "m"s look like "d"s, and so on.  Converting the voy to EVA, or any other system is iffy at best.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University

>>> incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 02/11/04 10:30AM >>>
Hi Jorge,

At 10:37 11/02/2004 -0300, Jorge Aveleira wrote:
>New email, same guy.  Can anyone on the list direct me to a complete EVA
>transcription of the Vms text in folios 85_86 (the inadequately labeled
>rosettes page) ? The interlinear file at Stolfi's pages is not complete in
>that respect, and I had already attempted some time ago to obtain such
>information from the list, unsuccessfully. I thank in advance whoever may
>help me on that, I do not have available either good enough reproductions of
>those folios or sufficient conversance with the assumed Vms character set
>to attempt a proper transcription myself.

As you probably remember, I posted up some scans of this page onto GC's 
voynich.info site:-

FWIW, the NE (castle) text ring looks (to me) like:-
<f85v2.v3>  (clockwise from the ornamental text-break mark)

However, I would strongly advise you (and in fact anyone else, especially 
Jeff) to become well acquainted with the difference between EVA and the 
shapes on the page before you try to interpret labels or to propose 
theories. A good starting exercise is to print out the main table from 
Gabriel Landini's EVA page...
....and then hand-transcribe (say, the first paragraph or two from) a nice 
clear scan of a nice clear page - I'd suggest f78r (which is what Leonell 
Strong used) from GC's voynichinfo.com website...
....before comparing your transcription with the interlinear, to see how 
well you're doing. Repeat until you properly understand why VMs 
transcription can be a slow, frustrating and uncertain process. :-o

Only then would you really be in a position to try to "read" the 9-rosette 
page. If you don't know what the letters are, you're likely to see what you 
want to see - which actually doesn't help anyone. :-(

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 

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