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Re: VMs: Black Dog

Zitat von DANA SCOTT <dscott520@xxxxxxx>:

> Hello All,
> The black dog in the top left drawing (click to enlarge)is an interesting 
> creature. It looks similar to me to the beast seen in the middle of zodiac 
> folio f73r.
> http://www.ddb.de/gabriel/treasures/country/Czech_Republic/cz06.html
> Regards,
> Dana Scott 

The whole dude is fairly... uhm, special. (No idea what he's got stuck up his 
buttocks...) But I don't see a striking coincidence with the f73 critter which 
is, IIRC, supposed to be a scorpion. (Which, as all Germans know, looks pretty 
much like a turtle ;-)



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