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Re: VMs: WM, Hieronymus Bosch and Edward Kelley

Dennis wrote:

> > No, there is no connection of the town with the Wojnicz family
> > - they were originally from Lithuania.
>         I remember now.  Where then does the town get its
> name?

I don't know the etymology of either the town of family name Wojnicz
but it should be easy to check it. The "naive" etymology would
derive them from "woj" which is old Polish for "warrior".
But etymology is usually surprising so I would opt for this 
ad hoc version.

> Do you know where in Lithuania Wilfrid and his
> family came from?

Yes, they came from the vicinity of Kaunas/Kowno. Actually,
there were several unrelated families of that name but
different coats-of-arms.

Best regards,

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