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Re: VMs: The Why's of Decryption


 Date: 20 Feb 2004 10:38:14 +0100
 From: elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: The Why's of Decryption
 Zitat von Jonathan Lopez <jlopez357@xxxxxxxxx>:
 > Ok this is slightly off topic, but I was wondering
 > what everyone's personal motives were for de-crypting
 > the VMs? Is the challange, is it the glory, or is it
 > wanting to solve the unknown?
 For me... The thrill of the hunt.
 (And a bit of curiosity, as I have a general interest for the MA. But, as Jorge 
 Stolfi (?) suspects, once we decode it, we'll probably find it's pretty much 
 run-of-the-mill alchemy.)

meekly: sorry to bother BUT, .... my last will & testamnet?

I seek: 

NO GLORY, NO unSOLVING the unknown?.. here it IS in front of your 
~Eye~(s)... *SEE IT* *SEE IT* for what it is !!!!!! *LOOK/SEE/LEARN*


for me, it's my "being TOUCHED/ *Bonked (ouchey!)*  by ES" saying: "I 
can DO this!, I can do this! " - - ArrGGgGGgGGgGggggg , *WHAT???*

Great, now _whom do I tell the KEY_????
(bummer/~rats~/suspect nutters etc..) and I 
don't even know from where IT "(ES)" came or why, [ I've SEEN MUCH & 
Still ] 
makes no sense (personally)???  1 of 12 must/should be correct?????

(well, oddly, i'm NOT greedy by nature - whatever - also I'm not  
expecting any help from another (although?/but*) when we die, we DIE )

(period) (.) .!  (REVERSE above for "*" Births) FUTURE LIFE.

ref: TO your "The Whys of Decription" => I insert only "THE TIME IS 
_NOW_"~~ (per ES)!!

Come on you all - put your heads together & do this thing (please & 
thank you) ArrGGgggggg. the TIME IS NOW !!!!!!

best to your & yours
steve (I'm leaving this list soon - sorry :-( ekwall

(health reasons)(I'm sickly , but happy! :-))

I'll leave with a ~smile~ on my face :-))))))))))

1st my Left LEG, then the Right - My Arms NEXT?.. Hey all, 
CLUE????... (see archieves & note the ladies ARM/leg postions etc...) 

LOOK at the postions ARMS & LEGS of the nymphs(LADY'S) THEY "SPEAK
VMS"! (thier postions are _another (next?) KEY_). m() sigh, yes ~more 
:-( - sorry, but hey, I did NOT write this thing... (just 1 of 12)

p.s.s.; to answer your question, IT, the VMS (or ES) ~pulled me~ INTO 
thing I  don't think s/he got the right guy here (me).. you guys / 
_CAN DO THIS_ *if you _FoLd__ your key(s)*.... follow its FLOW!

Do your best & you will do well :-)

interest => personal "touched motivation"

yea yea - steve the NUT; ok you UNDO it [WITHOUT the FOLD] you WILL 
FAIL time after time... _that_ was/is the ~beauty of it~ )vms(!! :-)

THE "DE/CODING" is Folded, The stand alone characters are "POINTERS" 
back to 
its FOLDED KEY _PosiTioN_".. It ALL fits - [but., D*rN if I can read 
it etc...]

Bad VMS  BAD !! (lol) : -/

WORTH A PIZZA ANYWAY! (good for all, especially for woman(s)) _:-)_

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