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VMs: Libraries of Interest

Perhaps it would be beneficial to create a list of locations of important 
library collections which may be useful in our investigation of the VMS.

- Universitni Knihovna (UK) (Evans, p.294)

- Lobkovic Library: included Jiri Popel and Pernstein collections,
  (Evans, p.287); located "...at present in a castle north-west of Prague,
  has its author-catalogue deposited the the UK" library (Evans p.294).

- National Museum (Evans, p.294)

- Strahov Library (Evans, p.294)
    * Premonstratensian monastic library at Strahov,
      (Evans, footnote 2, p.161).

- Archbishops' Library, Primates of Bohemia Library,
  (Evans, p.295; "...removed...to the rear of a house
  in the square outside the castle precincts (Hradcanske Namesti)").

- Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek (Evans, p.295)

- Viennese Hofbibliothek: (location?) contains Sambucus Library collection,
  (Evans, p.125).

"Rudolf II and his world, A Study In Intellectual History 1576-1612", by 
R.J.W. Evans, (Thames and Hudson, original edition Oxford University Press, 
1973, ISBN 0-500-27986-1)

Certainly, there are many other libraries of interest which have been 
referenced in the VMS archives.

Dana Scott 
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