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Re: VMs: Giants of the Past

CWLee wrote:
With all due respect to D'Imperio, Friedman, Manly, Tiltman,
and other cryptologists of their era, I note that their work
was all done before the advent of today's superfast
computers - right?  Thus, there may be things that can be
learned today about the VMS using cryptological methods that
were impractical to attempt as recently as 25 years ago.  I
urge us not to assume that if it wasn't solved by past
giants of cryptology that it will never be solved using
cryptological methods.

It's certainly true that we have faster computers than were available last year, or last decade. However, it's my firm opinion that the cryptographers who were looking at it 35 years ago (including some of us on the list) were limited not by computing power but by ideas and algorithms. I don't want to discourage you from applying big iron to your ideas, but *I* never felt over the last 35 years that I was limited in what I could try by lack of computing facilities. -- Jim Gillogly

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