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Re: VMs: RE: sentences / paragraphs / etc...

Hi John,

On Sunday 22 February 2004 14:09, John Grove wrote:
> 	I'm also not sure why there is a distinction between Extended character
> 154 and 'z'.

They look somewhat different, but it could be also a funny m. (so m, z and 154 
could be all the same) while 152 looks more like g. 

One could also argue whether z and k are different as well (and so on). The 
intention was/is to provide a bitrans table of "likely guess" for the 
weirdoes as well... when we find some time to do it. Note that most weidroes 
appear one or twice, so it it very likely that many are one of the "normal" 
forms, but there are some really unusual: 144, 139, 169.

The list of weirdoes does not mean that they are different characters, only 
that we identified some variable form that do not appear often. The departure 
from "normal" looking vms characters is obviously subjective.

> 	i/e formation pairs (that I see) ... n/b, r/s, j/d, m/g, (z or 154)/152
> ... highly suspect: l/y

Yes, and the list goes on, but m & g the same character? One has a straight 
left part the other is curved, they look differnt to me, but you may be 



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