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Re: VMs: Fw: VM Bulletin


 Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 12:12:51 -1000
 From: Jim Gillogly <jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Fw: VM Bulletin
 Rafal T. Prinke wrote:
 > I absolutely agree with Jan that Sinapius requires much
 > more attention and research than he has received so far.
 > So the recent findings and comments by Manfred are most
 > welcome additions to our understanding of the earliest
 > possible known owner of the VMS (I do not consider Rudolf II
 > to be a proven owner - the whole episode about 600 ducats
 > sounds to much like "marketing slogan" in Marci's letter 
 > - and Jan rightly asks why would Marci part with it for free?).
 I'm also very pleased to be learning new things about the early
 possible owners -- thank you!
 The last question ("why would Marci part with it for free?")
 is understandable in the context of Marci's death a year or
 two after he sent the VMs to Kircher.  I have a 1602 edition
 of Porta.  If I had notice to quit, I would give it away to a
 good home or even pay to get it to a good home, rather than
 take a few thousand gold ducats from a Microsoft VP so that
 his four-year-old son could pull off the discs and color the
 Perhaps Marci had an interest in the advancement of knowledge.

Yes, all the world is not run by GREED ( at least not yet?),
Parting of knowledge is the " _teachers_ way".
No price can be held on this value.
Be suspect of "MORE KNOWLEDGE for just a FEW DUCATES ~MORE~! "

best to you & yours
steve (ps we LEARN as we go ~$$~) ekwall

FREE Knowledge is GOOD: XXX x YYY=Zz+? Ducats  BAD.?

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