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Re: VMs: Oldest Dating

Zitat von steve ekwall <ekwall2@xxxxxxxx>:

> Can you /we/ DATE 'em?:
> vellum
> paparyus
> parchment
> paper
> ( I can throw out "Paper" - filtered organic fiber(s)/lifted from 
> fluid baths and dried? ~backwards 
> date~ to at least 1000's BC) (have NOT checked chinese filters) OLDER 
> YET? 

What do you mean? Date their first recorded use, or give a date for a specific 
piece of vellum/whatever which we found?

I think all the materials should be good for C14 rabio carbon dating, and the 
prospective age range (several centuries to 2000 years) fits, too. The only 
problem is to get a piece of the vellum...

> ...
> -=se=-
> steve (But, OLDER than "I"/WE think?) ekwall
> p.s. there IS a FEEL about the VMS that says 14 15c, but that is 
> initial ~visual~. we need a spectrogragh on BOTH Vellum & INK here!

Mind you that these tests are not necessarily conclusive. Cf. the Turin shroud, 
where the carbon dating seemingly raised more questions than it answered.

Likewise, IIRC it would only be possible to prove that the ink was made 
according to period recipes, not necessarily that the ink used was fabricated 
in that period.

Besides, I've got the vague feeling -- looking at the VM's track record -- that 
any kind of "scientific" test would only render more confusion...

> p.s.s. better yet, "Let's just GET IT READ!" :-) 

Oh... why didn't I think of that before...? ;-)



P.S.: Steve -- you mention the "one of 12" phrase every now and then. Does this 
refer to you as being one of 12 people, or could it be that the VM is one 
volume of a batch of 12 books? Just curious.

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