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Re: VMs: f85 - 86 ?

At 13:55 28/02/2004 -0800, Rene Zandbergen wrote:
Hello Maurizio,

if you go to:

Many thanks!

Now at least, I understand why f86r1, r2, v1, v2 seemed to lack from any record!

Trying to compare the individual panel descriptions in your page with the Japanese images, I gather the following:

* The image titled f86r2 is actually f85r2
* f86v6 (text only) begins with "pchcy pchdar opor cPhy..."
* f86v5 (text only) begins with "poShdal choky Shcdy..."
* f86v3 image does not match anything I can identify in your description; the text is arranged in 4 blocks around and 2 block inside, with four 'bouquets of flowers' (!?) at the corners (is this a cosmo?); is it actually f86v3?
* there does not seem to be any image of the 9-disk diagram. Apparently, it is not reproduced even in the Beinecke digital images (I have 69 of them).

So, is the 9-disk diagram reproduced somewhere on the web?

Thanks again,


Maurizio M. Gavioli - VistaMare Software via San Bernardo 5, I-16030 Pieve Ligure, ITALY http://www.vistamaresoft.com/

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