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RE: VMs: My collected notes

From: "Marianna Hiltunen" <marianna.hiltunen@xxxxxxxxx>

I am a physicist and an astronomer, and I took my first look at the Voynich
Manuscript about six months ago. Since then, it has been my hobby, and
I thought it could be useful to someone if I put my notes in the web; they
are at:

I realize that many of the ideas I have may probably been discovered by
others, but I just have not found the paper/web page where they have
been published. Anyway, I thought I'd share my thoughts. I am
also planning to run some statistical tests when I have time; unfortunately,
I am currently very busy with my work, so it might take several months.

Welcome to the list Marianna! You have covered a lot of ground in only six months. The Roman numerals idea and the Arabic roots idea occur to just about everybody and they simply don't work, but I am pleased to have an ally on the subject of the internal patterning of the words: I have so often said that the reason for the redundancy becomes clear if you put gaps between the characters:


But how can you generate something like that from meaningful plaintext?
I have been wondering for years.

Philip Neal

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