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VMs: OT: FOCUS [was: Independent Research?]

> Rene wRote
> Even serious journalists have to be read
> with care. When I got a last-minute phone call
> from the science writer of Focus (which I think
> is on the serious side) and he inquired about
> my opinion on Gordon Rugg's method, I indicated
> that it had been exaggerated by journalists.
> That may have shortened the call, in fact :-)

Barbara Blithers;
I know someone who worked on Focus, and still does the odd freelance article
for them. Focus is a sorta "tabloid" science mag, not on the sense they'd
make things up, but in the sense of "popularised" and "dumbed down" (a lot
of the staffers used to work on "Lads Mags" after all), and they thrive on
sensationalism. If Rene had said "Gordon's got it all wrong!" making it
personal, rather than the rather mild impersonal "the cliams have been
exaggurated by the media" then he's probably have had a visit from a
reporter and photographer!


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