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Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers : signing OFF for now

Geeze GUYS (or girls & dudes) ArRRrrGGggg

Good night all good ones out there! 

hi (& bye for now:  voynich list :) all:-) 

Especially Nick, GC, Larry, Jerry (tom dick & harry) and even Barbara 
and Sue, Patty & Paul  and all others thAT follow ITS path) :-), 
I need to now/RE/journey now to sabaticalize ZzzZZzZxlands. & ~RelAx~ 

The 'structure' is "_SIMPLER_ than you think" (ES!)

*SEE* The MiRrOr (ES!)

A _single_ ~folding~ (TTT technique) of the key allows for almost  
_____INFINITE_____ cOmplixEty's/=>.;&*_#$~@...-93..(resulting output) 
the "combination" is lost or missed in reconstruction of DEcodeING by 
those _not folding_ it. (whatever, you'll know IT when you *SEE IT*)  

A 'lot of trouble' can be had here. (see below argument(s))

not a divine argument, and not biblical? (- but hey I cannot 
read IT also (bummer)), so go only with the SOURCE as what we have!

"THE TIME IS NOW" (ES!) ~that's good for current list members~ :- )

Consider leaving the\your (center) middle of the TTT folded key OPEN 
for yourself on decoding it.

Personal health 50/50 but hey, I'm still alive ("THE TIME IS NOW, BUT 

I ?Hate? cryptic double talking `SpoOks' (don't you?):(ref/ES) 
ARrrGGgggggGggg !!
(1 of 12 (only), someone ELSE is next in line!).

anyway, bye all (for now) 
maybe come next x-mas, you all will *SEE* IT etc..
A great group here, (BTW), many good minds ABOUND HERE.. 
MORE than enough archives for books & grant material(s), but it's not 
about monies for me. 

iF you Can reAd/UndersTand the above your cloSeR yet(smiles)

one day soon> (this summer???) I will add to ES page the whole 
~Weirdness's~ of being contacted/touched by an ES (whatever) :-o 
just don't know how to put it in words yet (sorry all) :-(

Till then, I'm available ONLY if the VMS is DEcoded & your contacting 
me for what IT SAYS etc.. at:))

[todate:] I'm 

steve ekwall
42185 vista rdg
parker co, 80138, usa
(Lng 104.80W, Lat 39.17N)
(us 303.433-0889
(us 303.293-2FAX
(us 800.798-1100 toll free)))

p.s. I have !ranted! and !raved! ENOUGH here I'm sure.. I 've tried to 
be none stop, (like hey? this guy HAS something to say about vms>!? I 
've said IT, and it's _recorded_ in archives... now I can rest (just 
being 1 of 12 et all (etxc)).. zzzzzZZZzzzzzzz (give it a rest, 
steve, give it a rest OK Ok ok o<.....))!

(ha.ha = etxc to etc (corrected scribemenship) that is a way ES noted 
the "NO errors in VMS" - just _!!!GO WITH THE FLOW!!!!_ etc.

"IT IS", 'Simpler than you think'... (smiles ALL)

P.S.S. We had a movie here in the US where John Denver (actor) meet 
G_D, (I think the name was "Oh GOD" or "My GOD" etc... (whatever, he 
followed the path...) and taht was tHat. (he, 'john denver' is dead 
now too). No One Believed Him :-(, but the structure was 
(bed.rock) sound/solid/firm!

------- catch you later alligators : - ) --------

 Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 21:25:34 -0500
 From: Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Reply-To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 To: vms-list@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: VMs: Folio and Quire numbers
 Nick Pelling wrote:
 > I'd also agree that it is too (structurally) complicated for it to be 
 > a *single* cipher from any era - but note that I posit it as a 
 > carefully-constructed compilation of cipher techniques. Its structure 
 > would therefore arise from the *combination* of elements within the 
 > system, not from the innate algorithmic complexity of any single element. 
 This type of argument can get you into trouble, I think. For example, I 
 remember years ago running across a tract which attempted to show that 
 the Bible must be divinely composed because of a large number of 
 statistics about it which involve the number seven. For example (I'm 
 making up a couple since I don't recall the ones in the tract), the 
 number of words referring to plants was exactly divisible by seven, also 
 the number of occurences of the word "and", the number of verses, and so 
 on. Other things were divisible by 77 or 777. The author went on to 
 argue that no human being could have composed a book in which all of 
 these counts came out correct simultaneously as the last word was being 
 The flaw in the argument is that the autohor of the tract got to pick 
 which statistics to use after the fact. Similarly, not knowing anything 
 about the method of encryption, we don't know which features are 
 siginificant, and therefore whether the structure is realy complex or not.
 (At least, that's how it looks to me.)
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