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Re: VMs: what hoax?

In message <004301c41a37$43986200$1d532850@Misery>, Barbara Barrett
<barbarabarrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>The only thing I could come up with that'd be (in)famous enough in the given
>probable time frame was Nicolas Flammel's "unreadable book" reportedly given
>to him by an angel which contained the secrets of the philosopher's stone;
>imortality and inexaustable wealth; and which he spent a great deal of his
>life trying to find someone to translate for him.

Just about the only thing worth concealing as successfully as the VMS
does would indeed be a successful Philosopher's Stone - so this is
probably what it actually is.....

So when I've cracked it, you'd all better be nice to me....




     Nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur.
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