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RE: VMs: poll

Hi Eric,

At 11:18 04/04/2004 -0700, Eric wrote:
As far as the information from the poll goes, I'd just
submit the tabulation back to the list. I know the
current best guesses of the people who submit to this
list and have websites, but there's all those lurkers
out there (aren't there?? ;-).

ISTM that the best way to draw lurkers out is to post something interesting and provocative, yet curiously tangential and/or connected with Tolkien in some way. :-) Let me see if I can construct an example... OK, here goes...

When I visited him, Sergio Toresella mentioned that the "baby dragon"
(on f25v) reminded him of a similar one he'd seen in a herbal in Paris.
Has anyone examined the European history of representations of
dragons, to see if this little dragon falls into a known tradition?

I just thought it would
be interesting to see what the overall state of belief
was in the VMS list community.

From your post, you already have a perfectly good idea of the convivial dissensus we have here. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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