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VMs: Verbose cipher...

Hi Dennis,

At 00:24 07/04/2004 -0500, Dennis wrote:
As the originator of the verbose cipher concept, I'd sure like to hear more from you or Nick. What are those frequently occurring, if it's not too much trouble and you feel confident enough in the identification?

I have a high degree of confidence that <ch>, <sh>, <ee>, <qo>, <dy>, <ol>, <or>, <os> (rare) and <al> code for single tokens (as do all the struck-through gallows). I also wouldn't be surprised if <cho> turned out to be a separate token - basically, I'm suspicious of all occurrences of <o>.

However, I suspect that <o> + <gallows> performs quite a different function - if (double leg) gallows characters in the text de-serialise (single-leg gallows-surrounded) Neal keys (ie, untranspose them, character at a time), then possibly <o> + <gallows> means "re-use the last token/letter pulled from the Neal key".

Still, it's entirely possible that the various <o> + <gallows> pairs are simply verbose cipher tokens: this was my original (pure-pair) hypothesis, though I've moved away from it more recently.

I also am reasonably convinced (like Tiltman was) that <a[i][i][i]n> and <a[i][i][i]r> are some kind of steganographic Roman numerals - there have to be numbers *somewhere* (if not everywhere) in a document of this size, and I can't see any better candidates than these.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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