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Re: VMs: Another VMS idea?

    On Mon, 12 Apr 2004 at 21:50:19 -0400
    Bruce wrote:

    Perhaps the "filler" is not a single repeated word but  is a 
    repeating series of words  (say, "the quick brown fox jumped over the 
    lazy dog") or even a known text of some kind.  

    (One of the Sherlock Holmes movies involves a scheme like this, where 
    a message is spelled out by making errors in certain notes of a well-
    known tune.)  
If there is a rigid rule for insertions, the juxtaposition of letters 
might sometimes be awkward unless there are nulls or the letters are 
occasionally modified. I would do better to check further but my 
impression is: if you type a few lines in the EVA font it does not 
look as good as when copying from the manuscript. If the words in the 
ms. are separated according to the writer's convenience that might be 
another way to avoid problems. I don't know whether anyone has made a 
study of the relationships of letters on opposite sides of spaces 
from that standpoint. 


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