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VMs: more questions about Stepniak

When reading "Stepniak's" CV, we could get an impression,
he is one of the few, who could alone be behind
this piece of art. So, some questions:

writes, he was born in "Southern Russia". Could anybody
tell, where exactly?

This is important, because he probably did speak some
Turco-Tataric dialect from his childhood. These could
be quite different, so it would be helpful to have
additional information for making guesses.
Since the "words" of VMS seem to be the words of Turco-Tataric
dialects (of people in steppes, where "Stepniak" probably
comes), the dialects familiar to "Stepniak" should be
checked out against the VMS-text.

he lived some time in Italy. (How long btw?) Could it be
possible to confirm, he became aware of (or even familiar
with) "humanist hand" fonts?

Was he really "killed by a train"? Are there available more
data about circumstances of this accident? You see, he probably
could remember many bad things - and could these be written
down in VMS?

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