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VMs: A peek into the dictionary of Tataric language:

darchin (agachi) = cinnamon (tree)
dardar (agachi) = ash-(tree)
dar (agachi) = gallows-(tree)

(So could "dardar dar" mean "gallows made of ash"?)

Seriously, if it was Kravchinsky (Stepniak) ... so such a "dardar dar" could be 
in his mind quite often ... like when being arrested in Italy, or when hiding 
himself in Russian capital.

But what I want to say (after having confirmed once more: this text looks too 
similar with Turco-Tatatric speech - it can't be a coincidence), I am probably 
not the person who is going to read this text (or could even say, which dialect 
it is - or is it some meaningful plaintext at all). You see, my contacts with 
Turco-Tataric tongues are pretty superficial. I will try to find somebody who 
can do it (we need a person familiar with both - VMS glyphset and the 
Turco-Tataric dialects). But anybody else could try to find such people, too...

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