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Re: VMs: Kepler & the VMS


That is indeed a bold statement.  But I fear you may be barking up
quite the wrong tree in the way you go about making this assertion.
If I may, and I mean it without any disrespect, it is really up to
you to prove (or at least provide evidence for) such a suggestion,
not our place to disprove it.  This is simply the way the search for
truth works.

If I say to you "I have a dragon in my bedroom," I expect that you
would like me to provide evidence.  My saying "I know it is a bold
assertion to say that I have a dragon in my bedroom, but I would like
to see you prove me wrong" isn't very useful to actually determining
whether or not I really do have a dragon in my bedroom.

So, if you have evidence that leads you to this conclusion, by all
means share it.  The burden is on  you, I'm afraid, until there are
facts to talk about!


On Apr 23, 2004, at 2:30 PM, Jeff wrote:
> Now here I am going out on a limb but what the heck. A bold assertion that I
> know absolutely no one will agree with. I will probably get laughed off the
> list. Who cares!
> I believe that Johanness Kepler not only knew of the VMS, but that he had it
> in his possession. Also that he could read it. Now here comes the bold
> assertion. That it was this document that lead him, along with Tycho Brahe's
> data, that led him to form his theories of planetary motion. Someone else
> was also formulating data and had hidden this in the VMS. Without this data
> Kepler would not have made the final leap.
> Now I expect truckloads of objections to this. So fire away. I will listen
> to all reasoned arguments as to why it ain't so. If I'm right then this is
> one significant document. If I'm wrong well I just lost a pizza. Big deal.
> Jeff
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