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VMs: Book of interest?


Just noticed this in the latest Oak Knoll Press catalogue

"Historical Scripts" - From Classical Times to the Renaissance.
By Stan Knight. ISBN 1884718566

"Revised and expanded, this book is an excellent survey of bookhands
with its full-page, enlarged illustrations and solidly researched
sources. It is a useful text for studying the history of manuscripts as
well as the details of letter construction. This work also helps one
make judgements about the technical condition of letter writing and its
qualities of rhythm and movement, possible only when consulting an
original manuscript. The author has gone to considerable lengths to
obtain photographs that are well-focused and lit so that the tactile
qualities of surfaces, ink tone, and flow are revealed. The author has
chosen examples of formal writing that show a coherent and reasonably
consistent relationship between methods of tool use and letter
formation, making the construction of a script much easier to grasp in
practice. He has also made the effort of selecting writing without
idiosyncrasies of style."

www.oakknoll.com and enter 052752 Search field Book no

Thought it looked interesting. I've ordered a copy via the inter-library
loans system but I don't know if they'll get it for me.




     "If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not
        thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences."
                                            (Ecclesiastes 10-4)
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