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RE: VMs: Kepler & the VMS

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Well, the first four letters of the second ring on f57v could be read


	... or 1234, 1473, 3196, 5431, etc. . . Don't forget the sequence of
17 characters repeat 4 times around the circle with only slight variations
some characters. Why would you write 1582 four times around the circle? It
more logical to me to be a sequence that is repeated.. 12345678... or
although I can't guess at what these wheels would be used for. I don't think
could make them out to be an accurate measurement tool for 90 degree stellar
views or
anything, nor do I think you can just select any instance of four characters
and make
dates out of them, then look for something that might meet an interpretation
of the
diagram and say it's proof that the date is right.

	Finding some kind of sequencing in the numerals would be a lot more
then these stabs in the dark. There are a number of labels in the zodiac
that allude
to an underlying pattern... but just that. (a series that includes a few
oeeo type patterns
comes to mind). There are lots of interpretations of diagrams, some I
support as possible
but only to keep an eye on for more solid evidence. I think the four seasons
are depicted
in f68r3 - but am not completely convinced this is a correct interpretation.

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