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Re: VMs: Re: Voynich manuscript - Manchu solution claim by Z Banasik

Francois Almaleh wrote:
> It's "impossible" : the manchu writing has a vertical orientation. The VMS
> has been writing from left to right.
> Francois
I hope that you're not suggesting that one Language's Sounds can't be
written in another's Writing System. Based on your excellent website I
doubt that that's the case. Maybe it's just your poor English wording.

Besides, your argument is irrelevant. Mongolian and related Scripts are
derived from Aramaic/Nestorian, all written right-to-left, and were then
turned sideways to read top-to-bottom or bot>top.

I personlly have toyed with the idea that VOY was a modified Arabic
script. No luck.


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