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Re: VMs: Automatic Spam Filterning?

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Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 3:30 AM
Subject: Re: VMs: Am I in this list

>You ~may~ be suffering from an over-aggressive spam-filter:
many ISPs (both academic and commercial) are quietly
introducing these ATM (can you blame them?)

"I can confirm this to be a growing problem. ... "

+++ The process is changing, that is true, and for me it is
getting better.  The filtering system used by one or more
ISPs merely adds an identifier (such as "spam?") to the
subject line.  I have a filter that places such messages in
a separate file, and I review it perhaps every day or two.
So far about 95% of my spam is thus automatically
segregated.  I have noted that perhaps 1% of the messages so
designated are really non-spam that I want to read.  It
works well for me, and I'm on several other lists.

+++ Best regards to all.

"If elected, my highest priority upon taking office will be
to get the gazelles and the lions to negotiate a peaceful
solution to their long-standing differences."  Tarzan,
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