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VMs: Voynich Catalogues

Just for the record.

At the back of catologue No. 31, Voynich includes a list of recently 
published Catalogues as listed here:

No. 26. Parts 1 and 2.  Early Printed Books and
          Early Woodcuts (421 items).

No. 27. Medical and Alchemical Works (412 items).

No. 28. Early Printed Books and Early Woodcuts
          (381 items); Bibliographies (139 items).

No. 29. Early Printed Books and Early Woodcuts
          (212 itmes).

No  30. Early Works on Pure and Applied Science.
          Part I.  (558 items.)

No  32. Medical and Alchemical Works (in prepara-


The description for No. 31 is as follows:
(includes an announcement of his Paris branch)

No. 31.

"An Illustrated Catalogue of
Remarkable  Incunabula,
many with Woodcuts, and
a Specimen of an Unknown
Xylographical Press, offered
by Wilfrid M. Voynich."

Dana Scott 
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