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VMs: Re: Pleiades

Title: Pleiades
I believe the pleiades match to be correct. I have also been finding other things of significance that seem to have been ignored by conventional views of history. Some of these I have shared whilst others I have not for lack of proper supporting evidence. When one thing seems to slot into place that is very shaky ground. When two things fit together it is marginally interesting. When a whole sequence come together to build a picture then I have to take notice. I have reasons for believing what Robert Teague has identified and it's not just the fact that his jpeg maps to the VMS page. I do not as yet have compelling evidence to put forward. At least not the sort that would convince the more skeptical list members. More on this soon, hopefully.
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From: Jon Grove
Sent: 12 May 2004 09:31
Subject: VMs: Pleiades

Hi all,

It seems to be generally accepted as fact that the 'doaro' cluster of stars on f68r3 represents the Pleides, but I wonder why this assumption is made. True, there are 7 stars in the picture and classically there were 7 Pleaides, but the arrangement of the stars in the picture doesn't really correspond with the true appearance of the stars in the cluster. In fact visually there are usually more than 7 visible unless light pollution is a problem - and I assume it was not at the time the VMS was written.

Is there any other evidence that the 'doaro' cluster is the Pleaides, or is it just an assumption that's persisted over the years? Given that none of the other star layouts seem representative of anything, I wonder if the doaro group was simply intended to look like the others but the artist accidentally drew them too small!