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Re: VMs: La Vecchia Religione

> BTW, I always meant to try to get hold of Ronald Hutton (1999) "The
> of the Moon" (Oxford University Press) - but never got round to it. That
> might well be a good book to read on the general subject.

My first impression is that the author sees modern witchcraft as the latest
incarnation of the "secret societies" that started with the Scottish
"Mason's Word" group thet later evolved into the Freemasons. Meanwhile it
also spun off the "Millers Word" and many other (semi secret) trade
societies. These did have only tenuous links with the medieval guilds.
Modern witchcraft is also strongly influenced by Romantic (and thus modern)
notions of "Nature" and the "Female Godess". So no real links with the
ancient times but in fact an offspring of the age of enlightment. Very
interesting but not really relevant to the VMS.

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