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Re: VMs: Newton code - answer

Dennis, I appreciate.

Dennis <tsalagi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks, Jean-Yves! For those who can't make out the
French, I will interpret some of it:

... Newton, obsessed by the idea that someone might be
able to appropriate one of his discoveries, ultimately
told Leibnitz only a few things. One of Newton's last
messages to Leibnitz, by definition very enigmatic, was
the following:


It was a kind of impression of the following message:

data æquationae quotcunque fluentes quantitates
involvente, fluxiones invenire : et vice versa.

One can verify that this message does indeed contain
the character /a/ six times, the character /c/ two
time, etc. (/u/ and /v/ are mixed). [But our better
crippies will undoubtedly have noted this!]

I believe the Latin means, "Given equations involving
varying quantities, to invent fluxions, and vice
ver! sa."

A Jean-Yves - je vous invite a mon site Voynich en


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