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AW: VMs: VBScript for finding repeating strings

Title: AW: VMs: VBScript for finding repeating strings

Use "awk" as text processing languange.All your need is just built in.It's the tool of choice for this task.I did the same (find same strings) it did it on the VMS in 2 minutes.

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Since my script has been greeted by an enthousiastic silence, I've made some graphic pictures to demonstrate the output. Server permitting, it should be

here: http://uair01.xs4all.nl/Voynich/String_Analysis/Repeated_strings.html

Now, are you impressed or not? I myself am still quite skeptical, and I don't know whether I'm seeing signal or noise.

Since this is the first time I try something with the VMS, I have a newbie
question: What is the right transcription to feed to the script? EVT17? And where do I find it? Stolfi's site?

> O(N^2) may be acceptable for very small inputs, but I suspect we'll
> see the ultimate end of the Universe before it successfully completes
> on a text the size of the VMs :)

Not entirely true :-) It eats it's way through a 22kB text in under 2,5 hours. And it's just a slow interpreted language. Now how much bigger is the Voynich transcription? If I rewrite in C it should run at lightning speed.

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