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Re: VMs: Split -ol- pairs...?

Hello Nick,

I think you are correct and this might be a good objective look at 
spaces and composites. More needed. 
For occurances of "o<space>l 
there is a transition before f104r and a definite change from the 
13th line of f104r onward.  "ol" without the space is fairly evenly 
distributed. I have not checked for o's and l's individually.
There are peculiarities roughly between lines 1700 & 2200 and two 
shorter spans. I do not know how to describe them yet and I have not 
related them to pages. This uses the special selection from the 
Takahashi transcription. I need to create some better defined 
selections with reference to the manuscript. 

f104r begins with (my) line number 3136.  

3147.  tshdol qotchedy qokoeey qoteode lo sar al octhy qotor opchey qotam
3148.  olcheol qodain chokar okcho lkain okar cheody okeeody qodam chdy

Too much pending. I will have to get back to it (and "or") later with 
a closer look. 


    On 23 May 2004 at 13:11, Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Here's an interesting prediction (based on the "verbose pairs" idea)
> someone might like to test.
> Currier Language B has many (>1000) word-instances beginning with EVA
> <l>, while Language A has very few (<100) - in fact, this is often an
> easy way of telling the two languages apart. However, I predict that
> 90%+ of word-initial <l>'s in Language A (and only 5% of word-initial
> <l>'s in Language B) will actually be split <ol> pairs - that is, that
> the last letter of the preceding word will be EVA <o>.
> I think that, if true, this would point to the conclusion that <ol>
> functions as a verbose pair in Language A, but which the encipherer
> occasionally felt obliged to split up to (visually) hide its true
> nature - that is, that the [half-]space inserted inside <ol> pairs is
> *misdirection*.
> Anyone care to try this out?
> Also: it might be interesting to re-run the same process on EVA <or>
> pairs, to see what that produces... just a thought! :-)
> Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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