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Re: VMs: Viola tricolor


I'll keep it short.

My suggestion about starting with labels is just that if you believe VMS is meaningful that is, as you point out, the logical place to start.

Whether or not people have collected names in lots of languages and listed them and etc.... in relation to the possible image interpretations/names is a matter of record, I presume. I simply don't know. Anyone out there with detailed knowledge?

That no-one has made progress is interesting. And does not discourage me from my inclination to believe that VMS might well be a hoax.

Your set of certainties contains items I'd not be certain about. One thing of note with VMS is the lack of punctuation. Some languages can be written without breaks between words (and thus without punctuation). For inspiration look at the two volume work by Diringer on the Alphabet (1960s)



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