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Re: VMs: Viola tricolor

I agree that the "fringe" is a strong and positive feature contributing to 
the identification of f02v as Nymphoides pelata. There are also certain 
features which don't quite seem to match up (roots, sepals, 
stamen/pistil/stigma/style). This doesn't, however, preclude the fact that 
the plant representation can be classified as a lily, which may be all that 
is initially required in our attempts to unravel the VMS enigma. The order 
of the plant drawings in the VMS (which may not be as was originally 
intended) may have significance to the author. The color of the flowers may 
also be important. Certain embellishments in the arrangement and 
exaggeration of plant parts may be of secondary/personal significance to the 
artist (though not necessarily any less important). I attempt to find some 
commonality among the plants (applications, chemistry, correspondence to 
accepted knowledge/use, etc). At risk of stating the obvious, I tend to look 
at the pieces of the puzzle, whatever shape and color they may be, try to 
determine which side is up and which is down, and how they all fit together 
in an attempt to see the overall picture as it evolves, a priori.

Dana Scott

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> --- Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > ...which was basically my point: that even what (at
> > first glance) might
> > seem like an uncontestable identification can turn
> > out to have reasonable
> > alternative possibilities, each of which take time
> > to understand and
> > evaluate. Furthermore, at the end of that whole
> > process, you may still not
> > know enough to do better than make an informed
> > guess. *sigh*
> >
> > Nymphoides peltata, Dana?
> The following picture compares quite favourably
> with the VMs image:
> http://www.bioimages.org.uk/HTML/P153388.HTM
> The plant is also known as 'fringed water lily'
> (the VMs drawing appears deliberately fringed).
> But the real issue is, even if the illustration
> may look more like this plant than a  water lily,
> this does not prove that it is meant to be
> this plant rather than a water lily.
> It could be that the author wanted to draw a
> water lily, had never seen one, but knew only
> this plant....
> Cheers, Rene
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