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Re: VMs: Astronomical Cipher

Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> Note that Galilei was apparently a bit more
> imaginative. He wrote in 1610:
> Haec immatura a me iam frustra leguntur (y)
> Meaning: These immature [results] are still read
> unsuccessfully me me
> And then in 1611 showed that this was an anagram
> for:
> Cynthiae figuras emulatur mater amorum
> Meaning: the mother of loves emulates the shapes
> of Cynthia)
> where the mother of loves is Venus and Cynthia
> is the moon.

	Thanks, Rene!  I knew the (rather figurative)
plaintext made history, but I didn't know of the

	On this list one naturally thinks of Friedman's final
anagram on the VMs, an anagram whose exact meaning
remains a mystery.  But I can't quote it at the moment.

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