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VMs: Another INDEX, and: Language on 1006106

Dear all,

to know which picture is which folio, an initial
index to the Bienecke scanes is presented here:


This should evolve into something nicer eventually
but should be helpful right now.
Note that 4 pages were not scanned (including
our beloved Pleiades page :-( ) and 2 pages 
could not be photographed completely due
to the state of the MS (Cancer and Leo).

On Jon Grove's question:

> Regarding the 'oladabas' text, I find the words
> which are usually
> transcribed as 'marix', 'morix', 'maria', 'six',
> 'vix' to be interesting,
> since they remind me of the near-repetitive nature
> of normal Voynichese.
> (E.g. qotedy qokedy qokeol chedy shedy). 
> The 'ri' part of 'marix' looks to me like a somewhat
> disconnected 'm' with
> the central stroke shorter than the other two, and
> is possibly the same
> character as seen near the end of the first line of
> text on the page.
> But what does it all mean? :)

I always found it somewhat dismaying that we can't
even properly decipher the plain text in the MS

Cheers, Rene

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