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Re: Re: Re: VMs: Beinecke & MrSID...


Thanks fellows,

I downloaded it, it works. I-view opens it - rather slowly - but one can go   from  original 
3279 x 4566  to double sides (6k x 9k)  and still see no distorsion! Good work! Beinecke did it! I can't wait to do my research.

As for covers:   there are visible some leather rings binding covers together, but if I look at old copies, I do not see any holes in folios, only some metalic clips, apparently used  only for fotographing. It seems that those folios were always loose - allowing of course some of them to be lost.  As for numbering, I am not sure who did it, but comapring letters shaped as  "8"  and "9" with numbers 8 and 9  - under magnification and both on the same folio - one would swear they were made by the same hand! Of course, that would not explain the apparent misnumbering of some folios. On the other hand, even author needed some numbering, if he started with a loose set of fiolios . . .


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>Hi Jan,
>At 08:52 01/06/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>>is saves however as *.jpg. How can I dowmload it in MSID format?
>I've put up a temporary page for doing this on our Wiki. In Explorer, 
>right-click on the direct link and click on "Save Target As...".
>         http://www.voynich.info/vmswiki/phiki.php?VoynichSids
>Cheers, .....Nick Pelling..... 
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