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Re: VMs: jpeg links

This is great; thanks.

GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is the verified list of 8x jpeg links. Pretty good quality for normal
viewing and web page details, and soooo much smaller than the sids.

h! ttp://130 .132.81.124/VOYNICHIMG/size4/D0003/1006090.jpg! D0005/100 6106.jpg
http://130.132.81! .124/VOYN ICHIMG/size4/D0008/1006123.jpg! g
http ://! size4/D00 12/1006156.jpg
http://130.! 132.81.12 4/VOYNICHIMG/size4/D0015/1006173.jpg! 189.jpghttp://! CHIMG/siz e4/D0021/1006206.jpg
http:! //130.132 .81.124/VOYNICHIMG/size4/D0023/1006223.jpg! 6/1006239 .jpg! /VOYNICHI MG/size4/D0029/1006256.jpg

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