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Re: VMs: Re: Nepalese manuscripts


Since you sent this message, to the list, I figured I'd respond in kind,
just to answer the curious.  I sincerely hope that Jim Gillogly manages to
delete your personal information before your message goes on the web.  Many
of us don't like the spotlight the web applies, especially from the
uninvited.  I've been  so engrossed in the VMS images to adequately respond
privately, but I'll drop this note as a token.

As to health, I had a bad period of days where I felt something very wrong,
but somehow I knew this was coming for a couple of weeks before "the main
event".  Something simply felt "wrong".  I could get really detailed, but
suffice it to say I suffered a stroke, combined with simultaneous heart
complications.  I'd tell you the truth - that my heart muscle was once
damaged by a lightning strike, but that would just give others on the list
the opportunity to say "that certainly explains a lot". :-)  To hell with
those detractors.  I saw colors they'll never see in their lives, much less
in their dreams!   All the pretty colors! :-)  Unfortunately my one moment
of perfect clarity has a cost in terms of longevity.  Pretty much an even
trade in my book, seeing "God" in exchange for a few years?

I'm glad you're settling in.  My problems caused a move for me, as well as a
downward economic adjustment.  I can only hope you fare better.  Don't worry
about the Strong files for now, we're about to travel beyond that.  I had
the intention of making you work for every answer, but somehow my outlook
has been altered.  Proper presentation of the facts is utmost in my mind for
various reasons, and I intend to make certain things happen in a much more
compressed time frame than I set for myself a year ago.

If you look at my last post, you'll see that I'm attempting to discover a
terra firma from which to discuss my discoveries, as well as the
observations of others that cannot be properly discussed in EVA alone.  The
counter-intuitive EVA has worn years of enamel from my grinding teeth, and
every time I want to make a point I have to do it in a "language" that
causes knots in my gut.  Trying to update myself on the last months' posts
has even put me on a steady diet of TUMS!  :-)   There is no EVA for what I
have to discuss, and there is no Currier either, though his concept is the
closest of all those around in terms of pure glyph identity.  My respect for
D'Imperio is deep for her powers of observation, but she "over-analyzed" the
text in disastrous ways.  Not her fault, and not anyone else's, given the
poor images we had to work with.  They were open to numerous
interpretations.  In the end, only one of us is correct.  That will be the
one that can demonstrate an answer to all the questions.

I'm not crawling back in my cave until I've accomplished my purpose.  (After
that I might take a nap?.)  To that end, let me try to say this as plainly
as I can:

As those who read D'Imperio's report are aware, the VMS is composed mainly
of Latin abbreviations.  Specifically by recent knowledge, Latin
abbreviations coupled with a set of abbreviations, mathematical and textual,
observed by astronomers, which is as much as saying "astrologers" in the
context of the time period, though no one doubts the contributions of Kepler
for instance, who was primarily an astrologer who sought astronomical data
for further clarification of astrological forecast.  In this sense, all
astrologers were "astronomers", since one and the other were inseparable.
The primarily uise of astrology was of course, in the health industry.  All
physicians were required to train in the art of astrology/astronomy, since
it was the very basis for medicinal practice.   ALL physicians used an
abbreviated form of writing, indeed, the first books on shorthand themselves
were written by physicians.  The question is whether the VMS script can be
tied in to one or more systems of this type of writing.  I believe it can.

You remember Luis, when I said that three alphabets were in play at any one
time?  You remember how everyone criticizes L.C.'s work based on the fact
that they can't discern the alphabet shifts?  I was going to let you work
your way there slowly, but from here on out it's leaps and bounds.

 Stick around - things are about to get "interesting".


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> Welcome back, Glen!
> I wish I could report progress on the strong pdf files you sent me... I
> had been keeping them, like some kind of vintage bottle, to work on
> them as soon as this moving process
> was over -I got here two weeks ago, so it finally is, and now you can
> reach me at:

<address deleted>

> Again, it's good to have you back - don't crawl back in the hole, we
> could all use
> some of the wisdom! How's the health?
> Luis
> On Jun 1, 2004, at 8:00 PM, Glen Claston wrote:
> > Thanks Luis.
> >
> > Why are all these good things happening just when I'm ready for them to
> > happen?  I'm beginning to think there's someone out there looking over
> > me -
> > which means I'm being watched without my knowing - stalked by some
> > unknown
> > force.....  I think I'll just crawl back in my hole.:-)
> >
> > GC
> >
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> >> More analog MS patterns, from the U of Washington:
> >>
> >> http://www.lib.washington.edu/Southasia/guides/images/Image4.jpg
> >> http://www.lib.washington.edu/Southasia/guides/images/Image5.jpg
> >> http://www.lib.washington.edu/Southasia/guides/images/Image6.jpg
> >>
> >> Note the interesting outer framework...
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