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VMs: F66r

Lookie heeeeere!

We have our Latin shorthand picnic table "standing still", walking to the
left and to the right.  The second and third "9" in the sequence are not the
same as the first and fourth, and each glyph is carefully composed!  There's
a new one here I couldn't see clearly in the black-and-whites.  I'll have to
look this one up in my shorthand tables.  Variances are minor, (straight leg
"9" instead of a looped leg), but clear and decisive, something easily
achievable by someone practiced in the art of shorthand notation.

When I started down this road I was having a problem with primarily the
gallows, but I soon learned it was much more than that.  There is not just
an <sh>, but several carefully constructed versions, left, right, center,
full looped (teardrop) and backward.  Even the <ch> with a dot over it that
I gave the benefit of doubt as possible photographic problems or dirt on the
folio, are now clear as day.   Not all "o" are "o", and not all "a" are "a".

The notation in the [bx] bifolios is a lot more complicated than the
notation in the [ax] bifolios, but that would make sense if the VMS is
written over an extended period of time and the notation system allows for
integration of new knowledge, evidenced by the more "modern" shorthand
elements that appear in the [bx] bifolios, while the [ax] bifolios rely
heavily on variations of Latin shorthand symbols.

These images are truly a dream come true!


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