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Re: VMs: transcriptions and shorthand notes

Ken W wrote:
> PS.  I'm very busy at present, but I plan to update the CD of the
> complete pdf version I created some months back with the new scans.  I
> also intend to do proper alignments and foldouts in the pdf so you can
> print out the entire file and create an accurate reproduction of the
> physical MS.  If anyone is interested, let me know.

	I'd very much like to see this!  I never did get your
original CD.  In the new version I'd like to see you
include the pages that don't have sid files.  You could
use scans of Friedman's copies, I have those.  Nothing
like the sids, certainly, but at least the whole VMs
would be represented.  It's quite laborious to print
out a hardcopy of the VMs page by page, and this pdf
file could avoid that.  (In fact, we might think about
putting something like it on the Web, for anyone to
retrieve and print easily.  That would probably have to
be smaller.)

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