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Re: VMs: Various observations/questions

Zitat von surfing t <surf17@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello,
> ...
> 1) What do people make out of the illustration on page with ID 1006108 (on
> the Beinecke-library)? ...

Uhm... do you know which folio number that would be?

Most people prefer to use the folio ("page") number to the Beinecke IDs, as it
appears to be more useful.

> 2) I'm positve I'm not the first to notice that some of the labels on the
> illustrations repeats: For example, the string "202ap" (I have chosen the
> closest symbols I know) 

Again, most people on the list use the EVA transcription to "quote" from the VM.
It shouldn't be too difficult to find a font table for EVA, and it gives a more
precise and universal description of the glyphs you're talking about, making it
easier for others to grasp your idea. (Just a suggestion -- I'm not fluent in
EVA myself.)

> ...
> 4) What do people make of the illustrations of the pictures with women? ...
> What are the popular theories on these pictures?

The most "popular" speculation is that the nymphs and their plumbing cover a
medical topic -- something like a rudimentary theory of the author to grasp the
concepts of blood flow, the lymphatic or digestive system.

Evidence isn't really overwhelming, but it seems to be the best theory around.
(Bear in mind that, since the author's theory certainly would've been in its
infant stages, it shouldn't surprise us to find that his medical theories aren't
in full accordance with our knowledge today.)



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