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Re: VMs: Bifolio numbering

--- GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks Rene,
> I'll check out Stolfi's file, hidden somewhere deep
> in the bowels of my
> harddrive, methinks.  Where has Jorge been lately? 
> I've missed his input.

I think he's busy. I know he hasn't forgotten
about the VMs. 

> If we don't generically call them "half spaces",
> then what do we do [...]

> the term "uncertain" implies that we may not be
> seeing "space" at all here,
> or at least not "irregular space".  "Uncertain" and
> "doubtful" are very
> close in the language, so I don't think I'll be
> travelling that road, 'cause
> I sees what I sees.  I like the idea that we record
> these as we perceive
> them, and then compare notes.  This way a
> consensus might be reached?

We can always hope that a consensus be reached,
but this is easy for one working alone, already
more difficult when working in a pair,
and beyond that....

> [...] But I need to impress upon
> everyone that I have a real
> need to move forward and start dealing with
> specifics here.  When someone
> says my "u" does not exist, I am in a position to
> print out hundreds of
> examples with the above reference sequence, "folio,
> line, word".  If your
> interpretation of the spaces is a little off, at
> least I've gotten you in a
> smaller ballpark than simple "folio, line".  

Yes, indications beyond "folio, line" or other
locus (label ID, etc) are generally a little less

> It's a good idea, Rene, and if it makes a difference
> on its acceptance, it's
> not even mine, it's Nick's, from past interactivity
> on the list in reference
> to networthy searchable transcription methodology.  

It doesn't :-)
And I also don't want to claim that I define
'acceptance'. That will (may) happen by itself.

I think I raised the same comment when the
suggestion was made some time ago, probably
as you say by Nick.
So while it is not accurate, I have no more
accurate method available.

> And besides, "difference of opinion" is no
> deterrent, since it's the
> "beer and pretzels" of our little party, and where
> would humanity be without
> beer and pretzels?

I don't know about the pretzels.... :-)
But the difference of opinion is what makes
people look closer at what is being discussed.
No problem here whatsoever, quite the contrary.

Cheers, Rene

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